Hello lovelies!

After spending the summer in China I’m back in Switzerland again. Lucky me the weather here isn’t as bad as I expected so I gotta grab the cam and enjoy the nature. Beijing was so hot that I barely went outside. Appreciate the nice and warm temperature these days:) I hope you guys had a great summer. I know I’ve posted quite irregularly due to my studies and work, I even thought of quitting the blogging. Nevertheless having in mind how you guys always supported me, the motivation rose again. Thank y’all!

With Love, L

Top: Mommy’s wardrobe; Shorts: Forever 21; Earring: jewelry store in Beijing


Hello there,

Last Saturday, I had the chance to attend the Energy Fashion Night in Zurich presented by Mercedes Benz. The show was a great success! The combination of music, art and fashion was well-planned and perfectly conducted. You can find some impressions of the show here.

As always, I kept my outfit very simple. “Less is more” is the fashion statement I still stick to. Banana Republic is one of my favorite brand for dresses. Their cuts are classy, so that you can wear them both during the day or at night. Moreover, they fit me perfectly, like if they are tailor-made. To be able to carry all the little girl-must-have-stuff, I took my Coach bag with me.

Hope you like my choice:)

Love, L