Hi there!

Even though I’m living in Switzerland for a long time, I still love the Chinese culture a lot. As  I mentioned in the last post, I’ve spent this summer in China as well. Given this opportunity I have purchased some dresses that accent the cultural aspect of China. On this dress you can find different faces of the Beijing Opera. I simply love it.

Love, L

Sandals: Bally


Hello lovelies!

After spending the summer in China I’m back in Switzerland again. Lucky me the weather here isn’t as bad as I expected so I gotta grab the cam and enjoy the nature. Beijing was so hot that I barely went outside. Appreciate the nice and warm temperature these days:) I hope you guys had a great summer. I know I’ve posted quite irregularly due to my studies and work, I even thought of quitting the blogging. Nevertheless having in mind how you guys always supported me, the motivation rose again. Thank y’all!

With Love, L

Top: Mommy’s wardrobe; Shorts: Forever 21; Earring: jewelry store in Beijing